Recycled Tennis balls & good community

Laura Voegeli - Friday, February 15, 2019

A staff member here at Asbury Park came to me with a great idea... Used Tennis Balls. "

You won’t believe how fast the Elders go through these; especially the ones who go off campus! There is no such thing as too many [tennis balls]. If we can get a steady supply we will call them as the supply gets low , that way we won’t run out." says that restorative aide.


It's exciting to me to think how important a simple item like a tennis ball or two can be for a nursing home and our residents. I am proud to say I work with great thinkers and exceptional caregivers like the folks here at Asbury Park. 


Each year, 130+ million tennis balls are consumed in the US and approximately 325 million worldwide. That is enough tennis balls thrown away annually to fill 6,000 semi trailers top to bottom or fill the Empire State Building to the 62nd story each year. 


If you want to donate to Asbury Park your used tennis balls or if you have another great community building idea like our gal in restorative did - please reach out today!  Laura Voegeli, VP of Marketing 316-283-4770 x1103.


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