Preserving quality of life, one resident at a time.

Asbury Park strives to preserve an individual’s quality of life as his or her health care needs change. Our program is both Medicaid-licensed and Medicare-certified.


At Asbury Park all rooms are private and every long-term resident at Asbury Park has a personal care plan developed that meets their specific needs and wishes. Care plans are reviewed with physicians and family to ensure that any required changes in the plan are implemented.

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Asbury Park has four levels of nursing care including skilled nursing care. Within the first 30 days of admission and at regularly scheduled intervals thereafter, Asbury Park utilizes a special assessment tool to determine the appropriate level of care for each elder. The elder’s Level of Care may increase or decrease upon significant change (i.e., hospitalizations or acute illness, or in cases of significantly improved health status, or decline in health) and/or at the time of the state mandated quarterly assessments. Rate changes related to the elders Level of Care (quarterly or due to significant change) are subject to change without notice.


Residential homes for groups of ten elders, the Green House homes focus on life and the relationships that flourish there.

Skilled Nursing


Asbury Park has nursing beds available to elders meeting Medicare requirements as their health continues to improve following a hospital stay.


Respite Care is a special program available at Asbury Park, providing short-term care with 24-hours a day supervision and assistance to older adults.


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