Independent Living

The Independent Living campus is comprised of free-standing homes and multi-plex homes. Each home is unique in its layout and offers the comforts and happiness of home. The homes are available for RENT with no buy-in requirements!

Elders experience an array of planned activities ranging from day trips across Kansas to musical programs right here at home. Services provided for Independent Living: Groundskeeping, Chapel Services, Limited Transportation, Limited Maintenance, Planned Activities and Volunteer Opportunities.

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I haven’t been able to sit down and read a book in years but now I feel like if I want to read a book, I can do that and not feel guilty about what I should be doing instead.  ~ Peggy

Asbury Park Retirement Home Independent Living

Independent Living Resident who wish to eat  or order food from the Dining program may do so. To set up a meal program please contact the Vice President of Nutritional Services, Lynda Burse at 316-283-4770 ext 1163.

To order you can call the kitchen one and half hours before the meal time at 316-283-4770 ext 1105 or click here for the online order form.


For night and weekend orders please call the kitchen.

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