"I feel so secure and protected, living here. The Asbury Park personnel are all so kind and helpful, and I am surrounded by wonderful neighbors.

Now, I ask you, 'what more could I ask for?' I am very happy that I 'made the move', to here!”

~June, Independent

Living Resident


"Asbury Park is a real Heaven on Earth.”

~Herb, Resident at Asbury Park


“I love it here, the atmosphere is homey and friendly, not like other places. And my therapist is the best, I look forward to going to therapy because I feel comfortable!”

~Beryl L., Former Rapid Recovery Resident

“Asbury park has a very friendly staff.  They respond quickly when you have a problem.  Good neighbors.  They keep the grounds looking nice.  They have programs to help the staff and the residents from time to time.  It’s a good place to live!”

~Harlan & Judy,

Independent Living Residents

200 SW 14th Street, Newton, Kansas 67114 | (316)283-4770 | Copyright 2014

200 SW 14th Street, Newton, Kansas 67114

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