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Giving Back through a Charitable Gift Annuity

Giving Back through a Charitable Gift Annuity

From a young age, Nedra Starkey knew she wanted to be involved in ministry and giving back to others.
As a student at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS, Nedra wanted to go to the mission field. Her junior year, she met the love of her life, James (Jim), and they quickly began planning their lives together serving Christ.

Although not everything went as planned, together they served pastoring and planting churches in Kansas and other parts of the United States.

Jim and Nedra spent their retirement years traveling. Together, they visited all the National Parks open at the time!

It was during their retirement, that they realized their income was more than they needed at the time and wanted to give the excess charitably. The couple set up multiple Charitable Gift Annuities with the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation. They created one each year for a few years.

With the Charitable Gift Annuities, the Starkey’s received an annuity payment and expected that at the end of their lives, the remainder would go to ministries they care about.

However, at the age of 92, Nedra decided to give the residuum of her gift annuities to the charities that meant a lot to her and Jim, rather than receive the annuity payments.

“If I would have waited until I died, which could be another ten years, there may not be anything left.” Nedra said.

Nedra has been blessed and because of her generous heart, wants to change lives now.

A Charitable Gift Annuity provides an opportunity to support your church or favorite charity and receive lifetime income payments. The payments are fixed based on your age at the time the annuity is created. (See chart for estimated rates.) Your church or designated charity will receive the remainder at the time of death.

There can be immediate tax benefits with the charitable gift annuity is created.

The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation offers Charitable Gift Annuities to those who are 60 or older with a minimum of $10,000.

Could a Charitable Gift Annuity be the right option for you or a loved one? If you are interested in more information or in an illustration with your gift annuity benefits, please contact us at 620-664-9623 or email

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