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Dining Options

Award Winning Dining

Here at Asbury Park we pride ourselves on serving excellent restaurant style meals.  Our Restaurant-Style Dining Program has earned our team a 2011 PEAK (Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas Nursing Homes) Award from the Kansas Department on Aging.  That same year our team also won the Kansas Five Star Gracious Dining Award presented by DHCC (Dietitians in Healthcare Communities) to the healthcare facility in the state of Kansas that demonstrates Gracious Dining for its Elders.

Resident Choices

Our residents have a say in what is on the menu.  That’s right, we have Liver and Onions from time to time, as it is a favorite among current residents.  Don’t worry if you join us that day, as we will be happy to make you a hamburger or something else from our menu should you choose.

Family Options

One other service we provide here is that we are able to serve your whole family a meal if you would chose.  We need a little notice, but we can prepare meals for the family for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays where you might want to spend time with a family member here.  We are always happy to serve great cuisine to our guests.