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Green House Homes

Offering a new concept of living for the elder in need of health care.

The Green House home is a residential home for a group of 10 elders. It is an evidence-based model backed by study after study proving it works.It is a place that focuses on life, and its heart is found in the relationships that flourish there. Our Green House homes are a way of life for the elders thriving in them, the teams working in them, and the healthcare providers who believe in them.

Architecturally Appealing

Green House Homes are architecturally appealing, designed to blend in with other homes in our community. More than that our Green House Homes nurtures elders in a circle of care.

The Look and Feel of a Home

Each elder has his/her own private living space and bathroom. Elders’ rooms receive high levels of sunlight and are situated around the hearth, an open kitchen and dining area.

Free From Limitations

A small sized home designed without long hallways, elders are free from the limitations of an institutional schedule and live a more comfortable daily life–sleeping, eating and engaging in activities when they choose. The Green House Home enables deep relationships between elders and caregivers.

Staffing designed to protect, sustain, and nurture elders

In The Green House model, the hierarchy is flattened to bring power to the elder and those working closest to them, teams of Shahbazim, or versatile workers serving in direct care roles. A Shahbaz: Works within scope of practice to provide direct care, Manages the home, Partners with clinical team members. Case studies show 4 times more engagement time with elders, lower turnover, continuity of care, and caregiver satisfaction never dreamed possible.

The Floor Plan

The Green House is designed to be a home for ten elders. Its blends architecturally with neighboring homes, includes vibrant outdoor space, and utilizes aesthetically appealing interior features.

The first Green House homes were designed by Richard McCarty, the McCarty Company, in Tupelo, Mississippi. McCarty and Dr. Thomas collaborated to create an environment that would be a home to the elders. The result was a home where each elder has a private living space with a private bathroom. Elders’ rooms receive high levels of sunlight and are situated around the hearth, an open kitchen and dining area. While adhering to all codes required by licensure, Green House homes look and feel like home.

Development of the Green House Concept

A radical departure from traditional skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities, The Green House concept alters facility size, interior design, staffing methods, and methods of delivering skilled professional services.

Developed by Dr. William Thomas and rooted in the tradition of the Eden Alternative, a model for cultural change within nursing facilities, the Green House is intended to de-institutionalize long-term care by eliminating large nursing facilities and creating rehabilitating, social settings. Its primary purpose is to serve as a place where elders can receive assistance and support with activities of daily living and clinical care, without the assistance and care becoming the focus of their existence. Each elder has a private living space with a private bathroom.

Dr. William H. Thomas is an international authority on geriatric medicine and elder care. He currently serves as a president of The Center for Growing and Becoming, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing constructive, holistic approaches to aging and the care of elders. He is also president of The Eden Alternative, a research, consulting, and advocacy group committed to improving the care received by people who live in institutions everywhere.